January 27, 2018

My Favorite Looks From Fall 2018 Menswear Shows

Strangely enough, I have never done a post covering Menswear shows! I'm not sure why because Menswear offers a lot of style inspiration, regardless of whether or not you are a man. I'm a firm believer in that people are not limited to clothes by their gender. Of course, this is easy for me to say because in today's society, it is generally more acceptable for women to appear masculine ("tomboy"). Nonetheless, we should strive for a world in which anyone can wear anything as long as it isn't harmful, threatening, etcetera, etcetera.

Anyway, these are some of my favorite looks from the Fall 2018 Menswear shows! Click on the images to get a closer look at some of the outfits. Everything is listed in alphabetical order.
Images by Marcus Tondo via Vogue

Alexander McQueen
I've really been into argyle prints as well as plaid recently. This is probably because of the winter season here in the States, but I've also been interested in mixing and matching prints overall! Also, I really want to pick up a knitted vest sometime (both, in a regular size and an oversized one) like the one in look #4 here; it's a fun new way to layer...
Images by Yannis Vlamos via Vogue

Craig Green
I have also been into minimalist palettes with clean or "sharp" looking folds, seams, etc (for example, Ann Demeulemeester, Maison Martin Margiela, Comme des Garçons...). I always love a good white button-up like in look #1. The paneling detail in look #4 in combination with the very simple color palette creates visual texture while also keeping the overall look minimalistic.
Images by Kim Weston Arnold via Vogue

I love a good long coat, and I especially love pockets. Also, there's more knitted vest action going on here with look #3, except the vest has an asymmetrical shape which makes it unique and interesting. Keeping in line with asymmetricality (is this a word?), the fourth model is wearing a sweater of some sort with an asymmetrical hemline like the third model, and the pocket on his coat is also crooked. Plus, I really love the white as well as the print on his coat.

Images by Marcus Tondo via Vogue

I love coordinated sets like in look #1 with the boxy blazer and skirt. Of course, I'm still obsessing over oversized button-up shirts (JUUN.J S/S 2018 MENSWEAR 4EVA). I am still on the hunt for the perfect shirt dress unfortunately. It seems as if designers aren't done with the slip dress over the shirt as seen in look #3. As with look #4, well, that's a pretty cool coat.

Images by Alessandro Garofalo via Vogue

I CAN NEVER GET AWAY FROM THE COLLARED WHITE SHIRT; I'M TOO OBSESSED. I really like the dressy-casual combo here with the collared shirts and ties under the casualness of the coveralls. Again, we see another darn sweater vest-looking thing in look #4 which looks to have a preppy school emblem (LOVE). Also, why does this remind me of K-Pop 3-4 years ago when literally all male K-Pop stars wore Thom Browne and varsity jackets (are they still doing that or has Gucci taken over)?
Images by Marcus Tondo via Vogue

I quite like the boxy style and the occasional swatch of leather or fabric found on the coats in the OAMC show. In look #3, we can see a layering of prints (and the color combination as well!) which me and the rest of the fashion world have been really into lately (I've been wanting to purchase a Prince of Wales blazer, but that is one of many things on my wishlist). Also, I don't know what my fascination is with sheer windbreakers, but every time I see one, I get all giddy inside. Maybe it's the mix of cool street wear and a minimalistic aesthetic? Who knows why I like wearing plastic fabrics...
Images by Paul & Joe via Vogue
Images by Paul & Joe via Vogue
Paul & Joe
I just couldn't pick five looks out of the Paul & Joe lookbook, so instead, I chose a number of looks by the female and male model. The vintage vibe brought on by the suede fabrics to the soft purple bell bottom pants and the flower which screams 70's is just tugs at my heartstrings, if clothes could do that... My patchwork obsession is evident by the patchwork jeans worn by the female model. The pastel colors and prints present throughout this entire collection is just so so cool and sweet.
Images by Monica Feudi via Vogue

I really really like this collection for whatever reason; perhaps, it's because of my rising interest in high-end streetwear. Of course, the shiny plastic material makes another appearances in this selection of runway looks; I love the fabric of the pants in look #4. The red contrasting detail in the zip-up turtleneck is also nice. Also, Choi Sora, one of my favorite models, is wearing a really cool boxy jacket which has contrast detailing which I would love to own (but would probably be too big on me, unfortunately).
Images by Luca Tombolini via Vogue

Clearly, I'm having an obsession with plaid prints this year, especially green prints. However, I certainly don't have a problem with combining a few prints or two. A few months ago, I bought a patchwork skirt from Zara, but it's definitely not as flamboyant as the suit in look #1. I can also see what seems to be a bit of a sweater vest (at least I hope it's a vest because I love them!) peeking out from the preppy box coat in look #4 which I love; the print combo under a very simple navy coat is so me!
Images by Yannis Vlamos via Vogue

Wales Bonner
I guess I didn't love much from this collection. However, my love for prints and art is evident here. So damn artsy!
Images by Kim Weston Arnold via Vogue

Lastly, we have Wooyoungmi. I really like the (borderline?) ochre coat, the jeans with the thin wavy line print, and the blue top in look #3. However, my favorite looks are the final two looks here. They're simple, I know, but I think they're very cool. The grey blazer coats are nice, especially in combination with the red and black, but the white contrast of the collar and the bag is super nice too (look #4 is my favorite!).

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