August 26, 2017

Gender Schmender: Pansy Magazine Redefines What It Means To Be A Man In The Twenty-First Century

No longer will one's assigned gender determine what they are allowed to wear, how they are allowed to behave, or who they are supposed to be. In recent years, discussions of gender and what it means to be a man, a woman, both, or neither have grown to become extremely polarizing. The discussion of masculinity has gained momentum after society has begun to realize that people can take on more than one kind of identity with films such as The Mask You Live In. Boys do cry, wear skirts and makeup, and like pink; they can do all of that regardless of their sexual orientation. Of course, I'm simplifying things a little too much as men have deeper issues they face in this society. The point I'm making in the realm of fashion is that society has restricted men to express themselves with a limited color palette or a small range of facial expressions while encouraging violence and silencing males who endure matters like abuse and depression.
But unlike society, PANSY has bigger ideas for males. PANSY is an online magazine which focuses on "redefining the modern man, blurring the rigid categories of masculine and feminine." Fashion, a field of interest which is typically considered feminine, is explored in a series of photoshoots featuring male models. From floral prints to exuberant colors, PANSY is clearly unapologetic about the work they put out.
Having male models in vivid spreads and traditionally feminine clothing isn't the only thing that makes Pansy special. The editorials themselves are consistently well produced and the concepts are diverse and unique. I found these shoots uplifting as I have always had a hard time standing out or pushing my own boundaries, even if I'm not going to be socially persecuted for it.

Another thing I should point out is that not all of the models are white, which is so important because not everyone has the same experience when it comes to things such as gender inequality. For instance, the experience of being a woman differs so much between different cultures, socioeconomic statuses, and races/ethnic groups. The same should be expected when it comes to topics of masculinity.

If you find PANSY Mag to be of any interest to you, you can follow them on Instagram or view their online magazine at their official website.


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    1. Thanks! If you have the time, check out their website! They continue to push out amazing content on a regular basis. :-)