July 3, 2017

Vietnam International Fashion Week S/S 2017

Hey there! This post is actually several months late because Vietnam International Fashion Week (VIFW) was held during April 25th to the 28th. However, I still decided to post about VIFW because I wanted to highlight the growth of the fashion industry in the motherland! I believe that not all of these labels are founded by Vietnamese designers, but the existence of a fashion industry in Vietnam is really all that matters to me. This is my biggest fashion week "recap" as of now; I have spent a lot of time cutting out each and every individual paper doll (fifty-five in total!). Anyway, I will be highlighting some of my favorite looks in each show:

21 Six by Sandy Doan
I'm reeaaaally into (traditionally) feminine looks right now... The pink dress with it's puffy ruched sleeve, collar, and pleats is everything I could've asked for in a traditionally feminine dress. I've also been insanely attracted to and obsessed with the color red. It's a fire-y and passionate color; it's no wonder that it's been trending. The last two looks incorporate both femininity and the color red!

Betty Tran

So... I love florals.
Confession: I've never seen or read The Devil Wears Prada.
These dresses aren't bad, but they are a little boring (in my opinion). However, considering how new the fashion industry is in Vietnam, this is a small preview of what is to come in the future! As an outsider, it is easy to glance over Vietnam as one of the world's impoverished countries. I have no idea what the fashion and entertainment industry is like there (Chau Bui is my only source of information. Love that girl.), but you can tell just from the existence and scale of Vietnam International Fashion Week that there are budding talents and passionate people pushing for an expansion of Vietnam's art scene.

Canifa by Le Ha

This is perfect for resort season. The straw hats, espadrilles, and the the blue shades all remind me of the ocean! This is a little J.Crew for me (not that there is anything wrong with J.Crew, but it's marketed towards older women), but considering how it is currently summer in the United States (and in Vietnam!), it works.

Devon London
This collection is super fun! The diving helmet (or astronaut?) gives off avant-garde vibes. The utilization of wires to make the paper airplanes float is also really something! This collection reminds me of Lazy Oaf, just because of the quirkiness of the brand. The orange suit also pops with the stitch detail. Orange has been a trending color as well. I would imagine this suit pairing well with Old Skool Vans.

Do Long

This collection is a little prom-dressy for me. I mean, these would be really really nice prom dresses, but it doesn't scream "high fashion" to me. I do love glitter and sparkly things, but it's a been there-done that, ya know? Nonetheless, skills are definitely present here. The details are so intricate; it's obvious that these dresses were not made by elementary students. I thought I would share because these dresses would definitely be popular among the average American high school student.

Ha Linh Thu

This gives off Vivetta vibes. I love the bold colors, and the eye-makeup perfectly ties the looks all together. The red tights and gold heel combo in the first of the five looks reminds me of Gucci. I've been into bold colors lately which is one of the main reasons as to why I was drawn towards this collection.

Joao Rolo

Does this collection not remind you of the Paolo Sebastian collections? It could be more interesting, but it is still a beautiful collection.

Lie by Chung Chung Lee

This collection is one of my favorites out of the ones I have seen from VIFW because of the pastel color palette, details (I've been obsessed with textual elements these days), and overall feminine vibe. The femininity is balanced by some of the more androgynous silhouettes and pieces. The colorful eyebrows are also cool!


If anyone is into the whole norm-core x athleisure trend, this collection is for you. This collection definitely reminds me of the many Korean streetwear brands that have been popping up lately such as Adererror, O!Oi, Dim. E Cres., and a BAJILLION MORE. I'm serious; copy-cat brands have been popping up all over the place. Anyway, I'm really digging this norm-core x athleisure trend, so I can't really hate on them.

Thuy Design House

I quite like Thuy Design House, and I have recognized them as being one of my favorite fashion houses from Vietnam ever since I started following VIFW. I love the use of illustrative prints in the both past designs and in this collection. The collection overall has a very regal feel due to the materials, the vibrant colors, the extravagancy and the obvious Asian themes featured throughout this collection. The shoes are also wicked as heck.

Xuan Haute Couture

This collection is also one of my favorites. It's airy, light, and fresh. It's just perfect!

So, that was it for Vietnam International Fashion Week S/S 2017! As for this blog, I'm not really sure what I plan to do with it yet. I've been having some trouble figuring out what I want to do in the future, so I am expecting that this blog will end up turning into my own personal playground for me to experiment with different endeavors, topics, etc (not that it already isn't, but things may end up becoming hectic and crazy here and there!). x.

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