April 25, 2017

Fashion Revolution Week

If you haven't heard, Fashion Revolution Week is taking place right now! It is essentially a week which focuses on bringing awareness on issues within the fashion industry relating to the environment or the working conditions of garment workers.

Fashion Revolution came about after the Rana Plaza disaster in 2013 which was caused by a failure to repair or stop using the building after cracks were discovered. It resulted in the deaths of 1200+ people, all for the sake of creating incredibly cheap clothing. In order to spread awareness and prevent future tragedies such as this, the organization promotes change in transparency and the safety of garment workers during the anniversary of the Rana Plaza tragedy.

The goal of the organization isn't to shame those who love fashion. Instead, they are encouraging the combination of social justice and fashion by shopping ethically and calling fast fashion companies to make changes to their current business models or current conditions of their factories. Those who love fashion speak about themselves through their clothing. Do you want unsafe factory conditions and unsustainable shopping practices to be a part of your identity? Probably not, and this is an opportunity for you to start making changes in the way that you shop, even if it means just buying a lot less clothing from fast fashion brands (because I am very well aware that not everyone has the financial means to buy from ethical clothing brands).

Fashion Revolution has good resources to begin educating yourself on some of the negative impacts of the fashion industry and promote awareness of such impacts:

  • Check to see if there are any events near you that you could participate in.
  • If you are brand, wholesaler, or a retailer, find out how you can get involved in making a positive change, even if you are a small clothing maker on Etsy! (Tip: Download the "Get Involved" pack!).
  • Download the Action Kit which provides statistics and ways you could participate during Fashion Revolution Week such as writing a letter to a brand and ideas of events you could hold in your local area.
  • Download the "How To Be A Fashion Revolutionary" booklet which explains how fast fashion impacts its workers and the environment, things that need to be changed, and ways to become more knowledgable about the clothes that you are buying.
  • If you're a YouTube filmmaker, perhaps you might be interested in filming a video to promote thrifting or the appreciation of the clothes that you have purchased (which can be difficult to do in today's throw-away culture). Download the "Haulternative" or "Love Story" booklet if you're interested in doing so.
  • If you are an educator, you can get access to free resources here. Knowledge is power!
  • There are also several other resources such as campaign banners to upload on social media, posters, and other information about Fashion Revolution.
Anyway, I hope that was a good enough start! You can also follow them on their Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram for more updates on Fashion Revolution Week and the organization itself. Remember, there is absolutely no harm done in at least becoming more aware of the issues within the fashion industry. Be sure to assess your current spending and consumption habits throughout the rest of this week and beyond; changing those habits might actually end up benefiting you so much more than you realize! ♡

Images courtesy of Fashion Revolution. I was not asked to write this post, nor am I getting any sort of monetary gain from writing it. I just simply love fashion and social justice is really important!

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