November 13, 2016

My Favorite Vietnam International Fashion Week Looks F/W 2016

Vietnam International Fashion Week was held recently, and I decided to do a quick post on my favorite looks. My family is actually from Vietnam, so this was important for me. I am proud to say that I am so so so impressed by looks since they were imaginative, bold, and unique. Many designers also paid an homage to their homeland by reimagining the áo dài. VIFW is a clear sign that the fashion scene is developing quickly in Vietnam. I can definitely say that the Vietnamese pride is really strong at the moment!

These are listed in alphabetical order.
Photos from Vietnam International Fashion Week.

According to the VIFW website, this collection was designed by Vu Ta Linh. LUALA is actually a chain of high-end stores which sells plenty of luxury brands such as Dolce & Gabbana, Elie Saab, Oscar de la Renta, and more. However, LUALA also sells high-end Vietnamese brands.

I love the prints and the colors in this collection. This collection is definitely my style. It's just so girly and cute. It's unique in comparison to what I see in America. My favorite thing from this collection might have to be the blouse in the first look because it's cute, and it can be worn often.
Photos from Vietnam International Fashion Week.

Phuong My
The prints are actually very bold and different for my taste, but I still love this collection so much! I really like the Asian influence in this. The wrap piece in the first look is really interesting to me (I think I actually want to try that someday, LOL). The silhouette of the second look is really simple, but beautiful to me, too. I also love the draping in the fourth look, and the last look has that slight off-the-shoulder thing going on (and I love off-the-shoulder tops).

Photos by Vietnam International Fashion Week.

Tiny Ink by Hoàng Quyên
If it wasn't obvious already, I am obsessed with anything that is sheer. I really like the use of the sheet fabric in the first and third look. I also love the designs on all of these looks. They are so pretty! I also love the ruffle detail on the off-the-shoulder dress since I also happen to be obsessed with ruffles in the moment, as well. The blue color is also beautiful.

While this post was short, I hope that you became interested in the growing Vietnamese fashion industry. I remember seeing VIFW when the first show was held, and I was already impressed, then. I am actually really happy and proud to say that I am more impressed than ever before! I definitely don't think that the country receives enough recognition.

I have recently finished college applications, so hopefully that gives me some more free time to update this blog (oops). I know I haven't been updating as frequently as I should have, but lately, I've been trying to prioritize my blog more. I realized that putting school work before blogging is actually inefficient. With school work, I know I will get it done no matter what. With blogging, however, it is a matter of when I finish school work, but the thing with school is that there is always work to do. I am currently rearranging my weekend routine so I can make more time for blogging.

Anyways, catch ya later!

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