October 16, 2016

A First Timer at Her Local Fashion Show (Midwest Fashion Week)

Always be sure to clear your phone for memory space or else you'll be forced to delete a bunch of stuff midway through a show and end up accidentally deleting all of your photos on your phone. True story. This is why I don't have any photos from Day 1. :-(

Midwest Fashion Week is a fashion show which takes place in several cities. One of the shows occurred in Indianapolis last weekend. I had never been to a fashion show, so I thought why not attend? I had actually known about Midwest Fashion Week since last year, but I wasn't able to attend the S/S 2016 and F/W 2016 shows because I was ill and studied for a big test. I finally got to go this year!

So here are a series of photos from the event! I didn't post too many photos because most of them did not turn out well (the photos turned out blurry because the models were walking, of course). However, I hope you still like these photos!

P.S. I'm planning on posting more opinion and fashion editorials on my blog soon so keep on the lookout for new posts!