August 30, 2016

Mom's Style

Hello, everyone! I realize it's near the end of August, so it has been a month since I last updated. I left for vacation shortly after my last blog post, and I intended on updating as soon as I got back. Unfortunately, I returned the week school started, and I had to finish summer reading. Since then, school has taken up most of my free time. I've been knocking out for three hours after school every day for the past two weeks because I can't get back on track with my sleep schedule. The only thing I have accomplished since then was finishing Breaking Bad (omg!).

Anyway, the most amazing idea popped into my head the night before I left for vacation. "Wouldn't it be cool to showcase old pictures of my mom's style on my blog?" I thought to myself. Her style was way different from mine (as expected... after all, she came from a different country and lived through several decades). However, I think it's so incredibly interesting to see old styles, especially if it's coming from my mom! Seeing old photos of your parents can be odd because the person in the photo seems completely different from the person who scolds you for your messy room (sorry mom!).

This is a collection of outfit photos featuring my mother (and my dad towards the end!). Her clothes ranged from princess dresses to colored pants. Let's take a moment to appreciate this series of throwbacks:
These are some of her wedding photos. The effects you see here were done by the photographer, not me! 

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Disclaimer: I was not sponsored or asked to write this post by any of the stores mentioned.