November 13, 2016

My Favorite Vietnam International Fashion Week Looks F/W 2016

Vietnam International Fashion Week was held recently, and I decided to do a quick post on my favorite looks. My family is actually from Vietnam, so this was important for me. I am proud to say that I am so so so impressed by looks since they were imaginative, bold, and unique. Many designers also paid an homage to their homeland by reimagining the áo dài. VIFW is a clear sign that the fashion scene is developing quickly in Vietnam. I can definitely say that the Vietnamese pride is really strong at the moment!

These are listed in alphabetical order.
Photos from Vietnam International Fashion Week.

According to the VIFW website, this collection was designed by Vu Ta Linh. LUALA is actually a chain of high-end stores which sells plenty of luxury brands such as Dolce & Gabbana, Elie Saab, Oscar de la Renta, and more. However, LUALA also sells high-end Vietnamese brands.

I love the prints and the colors in this collection. This collection is definitely my style. It's just so girly and cute. It's unique in comparison to what I see in America. My favorite thing from this collection might have to be the blouse in the first look because it's cute, and it can be worn often.
Photos from Vietnam International Fashion Week.

Phuong My
The prints are actually very bold and different for my taste, but I still love this collection so much! I really like the Asian influence in this. The wrap piece in the first look is really interesting to me (I think I actually want to try that someday, LOL). The silhouette of the second look is really simple, but beautiful to me, too. I also love the draping in the fourth look, and the last look has that slight off-the-shoulder thing going on (and I love off-the-shoulder tops).

Photos by Vietnam International Fashion Week.

Tiny Ink by Hoàng Quyên
If it wasn't obvious already, I am obsessed with anything that is sheer. I really like the use of the sheet fabric in the first and third look. I also love the designs on all of these looks. They are so pretty! I also love the ruffle detail on the off-the-shoulder dress since I also happen to be obsessed with ruffles in the moment, as well. The blue color is also beautiful.

While this post was short, I hope that you became interested in the growing Vietnamese fashion industry. I remember seeing VIFW when the first show was held, and I was already impressed, then. I am actually really happy and proud to say that I am more impressed than ever before! I definitely don't think that the country receives enough recognition.

I have recently finished college applications, so hopefully that gives me some more free time to update this blog (oops). I know I haven't been updating as frequently as I should have, but lately, I've been trying to prioritize my blog more. I realized that putting school work before blogging is actually inefficient. With school work, I know I will get it done no matter what. With blogging, however, it is a matter of when I finish school work, but the thing with school is that there is always work to do. I am currently rearranging my weekend routine so I can make more time for blogging.

Anyways, catch ya later!

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October 16, 2016

A First Timer at Her Local Fashion Show (Midwest Fashion Week)

Always be sure to clear your phone for memory space or else you'll be forced to delete a bunch of stuff midway through a show and end up accidentally deleting all of your photos on your phone. True story. This is why I don't have any photos from Day 1. :-(

Midwest Fashion Week is a fashion show which takes place in several cities. One of the shows occurred in Indianapolis last weekend. I had never been to a fashion show, so I thought why not attend? I had actually known about Midwest Fashion Week since last year, but I wasn't able to attend the S/S 2016 and F/W 2016 shows because I was ill and studied for a big test. I finally got to go this year!

So here are a series of photos from the event! I didn't post too many photos because most of them did not turn out well (the photos turned out blurry because the models were walking, of course). However, I hope you still like these photos!

P.S. I'm planning on posting more opinion and fashion editorials on my blog soon so keep on the lookout for new posts!

September 18, 2016

My Favorite NYFW S/S 2017 Looks

Note: If you would like me to take down a photo, please e-mail me at

New York Fashion Week for Spring/Summer 2017 just concluded a couple of days ago. Unfortunately, I was not able to participate in the festivities, but I was still excited for NYFW nonetheless. However, I think I'll be able to finally attend a fashion show in the near future. More details on that will be posted later.

In order to (try to) keep up with the Spring/Summer 2017 shows, I'll be posting a new post for every fashion week (so London Fashion Week will be up soon!). I thought about expanding on some of the events that occurred over the past two weeks, but I decided that it would be best to save it for later since it might be useful material for another blog post. As for now, here is a list of shows with five of my favorite looks! This list is not ranked; it's listed in alphabetical order.
Photos by Umberto Fratini, Obtained from Vogue.
1. Adam Selman

Photos for ADEAM, Obtained from Vogue.

Photos by Yannis Vlamos, Obtained from Vogue.

3. Alexander Wang

Photos by Luca Tombolini, Obtained from Vogue.
4. Anna Sui

Photos by Umberto Fratini, Obtained from Vogue.
5. Jenny Packham

Photos by Umberto Fratini, Obtained from Vogue.

6. Marc Jacobs

Note: I don't support cultural appropriation.
Photos by Yannis Vlamos, Obtained from Vogue.
7. Marchesa

Photos by Marcus Tondo, Obtained from Vogue.
8. Reem Acra

What were your favorite shows from NYFW S/S 2017?

August 30, 2016

Mom's Style

Hello, everyone! I realize it's near the end of August, so it has been a month since I last updated. I left for vacation shortly after my last blog post, and I intended on updating as soon as I got back. Unfortunately, I returned the week school started, and I had to finish summer reading. Since then, school has taken up most of my free time. I've been knocking out for three hours after school every day for the past two weeks because I can't get back on track with my sleep schedule. The only thing I have accomplished since then was finishing Breaking Bad (omg!).

Anyway, the most amazing idea popped into my head the night before I left for vacation. "Wouldn't it be cool to showcase old pictures of my mom's style on my blog?" I thought to myself. Her style was way different from mine (as expected... after all, she came from a different country and lived through several decades). However, I think it's so incredibly interesting to see old styles, especially if it's coming from my mom! Seeing old photos of your parents can be odd because the person in the photo seems completely different from the person who scolds you for your messy room (sorry mom!).

This is a collection of outfit photos featuring my mother (and my dad towards the end!). Her clothes ranged from princess dresses to colored pants. Let's take a moment to appreciate this series of throwbacks:
These are some of her wedding photos. The effects you see here were done by the photographer, not me! 

Click on these links:
American Apparel "Seaside Jelly Flat" - $40, The Reformation "Peggy Top" - $168, Zara "Plumetis Tulle Skirt" - $29.90

Disclaimer: I was not sponsored or asked to write this post by any of the stores mentioned.

July 25, 2016

Resort 2017 Looks I Love

If your photos are here and you would like to have them removed, please email me at

Recently, I have posted about the Fall/Winter 2016 looks that I have fallen in love recently, so I decided to write another post for Resort 2017. I've been much more obsessed with the fashion industry these days (not that I haven't been... but I literally spend my freetime these days thinking about it). Because of that, I needed an excuse to talk about style, so here is my opportunity!
Photographer not listed on website. Images obtained from Vogue.

1. Agnona
Agnona appeared in my last post as well. I like the color palette of this collection, but it's a little overbearing for me in comparison to the last one (I still love pink though). What I really love about this collection, however, is the fur (and the pleats). I don't really support the use of fur, so if Agnona uses real fur, I probably wouldn't buy it (not that I could afford it anyway, haha). It's cute nonetheless, and it satisfies my craving for fur-lined jackets (for now).

Photos by Anne Combaz, Obtained from Vogue.

2. Andrew Gn
If you couldn't tell, I love bell sleeves! The embroidered (looking?) patterns on the dresses are just so lovely. The pattern of the first dress brings me back to my early 2014 phase (in a good way?). The fourth dress is actually something outside of my comfort zone. It reminds me of flames, which reminds me of dragons, which reminds of Asian shit, and I love Asian shit. Something about this collection just seems so playful and nostalgic, which brings me to my next favorite collection...
Photos by Area, Obtained from Vogue.

3. Area
I have been loving silky and retro things lately. The editing of the photos makes them look like scanned photographs. The geometric shapes of the jewelry make the outfits look especially retro. To be honest, I think I like the overall vibe more than the clothing itself, but sometimes the vibe is more important than the actual outfit.
Photos by Valentino, Obtained from Vogue.

4. Red Valentino
Red Valentino has literally been my baby since I became interested in high fashion; I just love the style of this brand. This collection is feminine, which I love. The F/W 2016 RTW looks were super cute, but they also had a more "authoritative" vibe. This is possibly due to the dark color schemes and the jackets. The colors, here, are lighter, and I have spotted more floral patterns as well.
Photos by Versace, Obtained from Vogue.

5. Versace
I love primary colors, and I love how powerful these looks feel! The clean lines and the futuristic elements contribute to the "boss woman" look (though, they are wearing platforms). I think what's most interesting about this collection is that the middle outfit caught my eye... I haven't been into leather jackets that much, so this is a new look for me. I think the main reason why I like this jacket is because of the fitted neck area; it makes a person look taller. The overall snug fit of the jacket makes the silhouette look clean rather than frumpy; this jacket means serious business.
Photos by Zimmermann, Obtained from Vogue.

6. Zimmermann
These outfits are giving me Free People vibes, which is weird considering I have never stepped inside their store; I'm afraid I'll faint from the price tags! I really like light colors such as those in the pictures. There is also some crochet in these outfits which I normally don't like. There's also a lot of pleats (some subtle, others not-so-subtle) which is probably another reason why I like this collection.

What was your favorite Resort 2017 collection?

July 20, 2016

F/W 2016 RTW Looks I Love

If anyone wants me to take down any photos because of copyright infringement, please don't hesitate to e-mail me (! I'm just a high school student who is going to go to college next year, and I can't be sued right now. :'-) I credit the source and/or add a link to the original page. Again, please e-mail me, and I will immediately take down the post. I manipulated the photos so the backgrounds are removed (they look like magazine clippings!), but they are still not mine. Thanks!

What I love about high fashion is that there is always a concept. The conception of ideas to the production of high-quality clothing seems so much more genuine to me. While business is a huge reason as to why designers do what they do, I can confidently say that they at least care about their brand's identity, which is something that many fast fashion brands tend to lack. I'm not being biased either because I can admit that there are many unethical practices that both, the fast and high fashion industry, are guilty of doing (I plan on writing more about that soon).

This list compiles some of my favorite Fall/Winter 2016 Ready-to-Wear looks in no particular order.

Photos by Charlotte Wales, Obtained from Vogue

I'm not too familiar with Hanako Maeda or her label, ADEAM, but I love this collection. The color scheme, the pleats, the straps... It all speaks to me. I really love the harness thing going on in the first outfit. I also like the strapped part of the second and fourth outfit along with the pleats (I've been obsessed with thin pleats lately). For the third outfit, the pinstriped asymmetrical skirt is to-die-for, and the choker is really cute too. Again, I love the pleats in the fifth outfit!

Style Points:
  • Strappy harness
  • Pleated skirt
  • Thin vertical stripes
Photos for Agnona, Obtained from Vogue

2. Agnona
I am not very familiar with this brand either. However, I really liked these looks from this collection because I am in love with the color red right now... The muted nude colors make the red pop!

Style Points:

  • Choose a bold accent color (other than black because it is predictable...) to wear with light muted/nude colors
Photos by Kim WestonArnold, Obtained from Vogue.

3. Alexander McQueen
This collection is quite cute! I love the incorporation of the jewelry with the suit in the first outfit. The two off-the-shoulder dresses are cute as well (I love off-the-shoulder tops!). The middle outfit is gorgeous; it reminds me of a dress from Valentino's Pre-Fall 2015 collection (which I loved).

Style Points:
  • Jewelry styled like those in the first outfit
  • Off-the-shoulder dresses
  • Stars!!!
  • Puffy sleeves + sheer things
Photos by Luca Tombolini, Obtained from Vogue

4. Alexis Mabille
As we have already established, I am currently obsessed with red right now. Pink has always been one of my favorite colors, but I think red has a chance of taking over... My love for florals came back (because of Gucci!), as you can see with the shirt in the first and second outfit. Of course, there are pinstriped and dotted sheer fabric in the designs (note the tights and the trousers!). For the third outfit, I'm not a huge fan of sequins, but the deep colors help lessen its flashy quality.

Style Points:
  • Silky florals
  • Sparkly things (in this case, deep colored sequins)
  • Red and pink outfit for a super feminine, but fun outfit
Photos by Alessandro Garofalo, Obtained from Vogue

5. Au Jour Le Jour
I am so enchanted by slip dresses, you don't even know! I haven't found the perfect slip dress yet, but these dresses give me hope. I am also in love with overall dresses, especially with a ribbed turtleneck like the first outfit. The appliqués on these dresses are almost endearing and playful, which is why they remind me of current Korean fashion trends. The nude/sheer socks are great too!

Style Points:
  • Wear a shirt under an overall/slip dress
  • Nude/sheer socks
  • Playful appliqués

Photos for Red Valentino, Obtained from Vogue 

6. Red Valentino
If Valentino is Beezus Quimby, then Red Valentino is her fun-loving sibling, Ramona Quimby! The designs for this season are so cool but sweet. I am really short (4'10"!), but I would love to rock a maxi skirt like the one in the first and last look. I actually have a skirt that is somewhat similar to the skirt in the second look above. It was actually thrifted from a Goodwill; I believe it was a cheerleader skirt because it was on the rack next to a legit pleated tennis skirt, and the inside tags indicated that it came from a team uniform manufacturer. It has the word "angel" in gold embroidery, and it also has an a-line shape.

Style Points:

  • Sheer maxi skirt (with color blocks!)
  • Sheer + dotted tops
  • Turtlenecks
  • Cute + quirky words on clothing (love, angel, life, etc.)
Photos by Luca Tombolini, Obtained from Vogue

7. Temperley London
These looks are a bit bold for me, I think. The embroidery and the appliqués, however, are gorgeous. I don't really have much to say except that I want an embellished cape now!

Style Points:
  • Embroidery/appliqués
  • Capes appliqués
  • Sheer dress w/ appliqués
  • Appliqués (x10!!!)
Photos by Marcus Tondo, Obtained from Vogue

8. Tommy Hilfiger
I am absolutely ENAMORED with this collection. I could almost propose to these outfits with a wedding ring. I love the colors, the theme, the outfits, and even the set! It was nearly impossible for me to narrow it down to five, but I did it anyway.

Style Points:

  • More sheer
  • Socks with frilly edges
  • Gold + sparkly detailing
  • Sailor themed outfits

Honorable Mentions:
Alberta Ferretti
Central Saint Martins
Cinq à Sept
Kate Spade New York
Luisa Beccaria
Tim Coppens

What was your favorite collection from this season?

January 30, 2016

What's In My Purse?

My mom recently bought me a purse as an early birthday gift, and it now my most favorite purse in the entire universe.

- APPLE iPad Mini
- BELIF The True Cream Moisturizing Bomb
- CHANEL Mirror
- CLINIQUE Chubby Stick Intense Moisturizing Lip Colour Balm: 01 Curviest Caramel
- CLINIQUE Chubby Stick Sculpting Highlight
- CLINIQUE Turn Around Daytime Revitalizing Moisturizer: Golden Glow
- LANCÔME La Vie Est Belle Body Lotion
- MIXXMIX 365BASIC Mini Top Zip Pouch
- MOLESKIN Sketchbook
- NEUTROGENA Healthy Defense Daily Moisturizer
- TONYMOLY Mini Peach Lip Balm
- TONYMOLY Petite Bunny Gloss Bar
- VICTORIA JACKSON Mystic Eyes Palette

This post serves as an introduction to my blog! I'm not exactly sure when (or what) my next post is going to be, but I'll definitely be updating this blog in the near future.

Stay tuned,